Dr. Candan Yasan Tepetaş

Dr. Candan Yasan Tepetaş

Dr. Candan Yasan Tepetaş completed her LL.B. and post-graduate studies in Galatasaray University, Istanbul (LL.B., 2005 and LL.M., 2009). She obtained Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship and worked as a visiting fellowship at Swiss Institute of Comparative Law between 2012-2013.

Following the completion of her Ph.D. in 2015, she was affiliated with the Istanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC) as Secretary General and member of International and National Boards of Arbitration. In that capacity, she has been involved in several domestic and international arbitrations. She contributed to the drafting of the ISTAC Arbitration and Mediation Rules. During her term, she also played an active role in the establishment of the OIC Arbitration Centre.

Dr. Yasan is currently a member of the ISTAC Advisory Board and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Commission on Arbitration and ADR. She advises Turkish and foreign companies in arbitration and dispute resolution.

In addition to her practice, Dr. Yasan is a member of Private International Law Department at Istanbul Bilgi University where she teaches classes on private international law, international commercial law, international dispute settlement and international human rights law.

Dr. Yasan contibutes as speaker in conferences on arbitration and private international law. She is the co-editor of the books entitled “Corporate Law Disputes and Arbitration”, "Launching Your Arbitration: First Submissions and Choosing Your Arbitrator", "Arbitration School Volume-1: Arbitration Agreement". She has also several articles in the field of private international law, international procedural law, arbitration and international family law. 


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